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Grade 9 EQAO Math Assessment and Final Exams
Published on Jan 9, 2017 14:49

Attendance is mandatory for all grade 9s on January 18 and January 19 for the Math EQAO Assessment. 

The Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics tests the math skills students are expected to have learned by the end of Grade 9. Different versions of the test are administered in the academic and the applied math courses. 

Details and support material can be found HERE

This is not a graduation requirement but this test does provide valuable information that supports strategies for improving quality of public education; as well, this test will be 10% of your student’s final semester 1 math mark.

Also Semester 1 final exams for all students will be written from January 26 until January 31.  Please note that no vacations or elective medicals appoints or procedures should be scheduled at this time as no exceptions will be given.