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Help Support Christmas Cheer
Published on Dec 12, 2016 08:47

Merry Christmas everyone.

Many classes at St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School have adopted a family for Barrie Christmas Cheer.

Our campaign,"A Want, A Need, To Wear, To Read"

Please check with your child to see who their class is buying Christmas for. If they do not have a specified family, any unwrapped gift will be appreciated. The final pickup day is Tuesday, December 13. Unwrapped gifts can be brought to your child's classroom.

This year we are helping to provide for 22 families from our school and immediate St. Peter's community, as well as Christmas Cheer families. The food that has been raised by the "can the principal" campaign, as well as any further donations, will help to feed these families.

If you cannot give a gift, you may consider sending in bags and/or boxes so we can package the gifts. 

We don't really know what poverty "looks like", but it clearly exists in the lives of our St. Pete's families. We encourage you to give and/or help if you are able. We have many families in crisis for many different reasons this year.

Thank you and God Bless.